Took The Lights Off-Put A Bar On The Back.  8.90's-150's.  No Air Shifter.  958cc.  Stock Head.  Turbo Cams & A Whole Lot A RPM'S-1980?
Another Random Picture Of My Dad's Favorite Bike.
I Asked My Dad Why This Was His Favorite Bike.  His Answer, " Good Burnouts, No Air Shifter, A Frame That Flexed Enough To Make It Interesting At Top End, And Most Of All, A Motor That Reved Sky High Instantly.  Turbo Lag-I Don't Think So."
Starting To Heat Up The Tire At Milan
Jamie-One Of My Dad's Buddies, And My Mom In Background
Check Out The Vintage Bell Helmet.  Date Stamp Says AUG 82-Old Man Says 1980.  Picture Must Have Come From Negatives Developed Later.
Looked At This-Can't Figure Out What My Dad Is Doing.
Just Finished Putting Bike Together And Ready For The First Smoky Burnout In The Parking Lot.
Parking Lot Photo.
Waiting In The Staging Lanes At Milan
Looking At The ET Slip.  Dad Thought It Was Cool That The Candies & Hughes Trailer Happened To Be In The Photo.  This Was Obviously Before My Time.  Candies & Hughes Owned The Blue Max Funny Car, And My Dad Thinks Dale Pulde Was The Driver.  ( Maybe Some Of You Old TImers Could Verify Or Correct This For Me If The Old Mans Memory Is KO'd.)
This Picture Was Taken At The NHRA Popular Hot Rod Meet When They Ran The Funny Bike Class With The Cars.  Dad Says Traction Was Excellent Since The Funny Bikes Ran Right After The Top Fuel & Funny Cars.

My Dad Wasn't Real Sure On The Location.  Sounds Crazy To Me, But This Is Before They Had 4 Wheeled ATV's! Notice The 3 Wheeler?
Thinking This Was At Milan?  I Thought My Dad Always Had Grey Hair.  Guess Not.
Location Unknown
I Think My Dad Needed Someone To Take Pictures On A Regular Basis.  Sounds Like My Mom Took Most Of These, And She Didn't Take Very Many.  Notice No Action Shots?  No Burnouts Or Down The Track Photos?  Should Have Hired Me...No Wait, I Wasn't Born Yet.
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