Thanks for visiting our Memory Lane section.  Going through some shoe boxes full of old pictures at home, I stumbled on a piece of my dad's life that existed before I did.  Since my dad never really talked about the years he drag raced bikes, all of the pictures seemed really cool to me, and I thought other people might like to see what my dad was doing before he had grey hair.  I asked the old man if he would mind if I posted them on the website and he shrugged his shoulders.  So like any good son would do, - I took that as a yes - Plus, I needed him to give me the details of the pictures since they were all taken before I was born.  The quality of some of the pics aren't the greatest and there are few "action" shots but they still seem cool.  This might bring back some memories for anyone that knew my dad - way back when.  Hope you enjoy looking at these photos as much as I did.
P.S. Hopefully these pages of pictures will load quickly for you at home.  Our DSL connection at work is lightning fast and the pages load almost instantly, but if they load a little slower for you, please be patient.  Thanks for viewing.

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